Why Companies Should Partner With Us

NeedsList offers the best way for companies to lead innovation in the urgent, growing, global humanitarian crises of our time. 

If you partner with us you will ... 

Attract and retain the growing millennial workforce, and customer base, who care about direct impact and innovation.

Know exactly where your campaign's money goes - to actual, urgent needs on the ground.  

Support a women-led, tech startup committed to disrupting the aid sector in addition to meeting the needs of famillies displaced by conflict or disaster.

How Does It Work?

We can build themed campaigns that resonate with you and your employee or customer base. Your branded list can include volunteer, supply, and funding needs from over 150 vetted NGOs in 12 countries. Our enterprise partners have launched campaigns for these and more:

  • Hurricane Florence & Michael Response
  • End of Year Winterization Needs for Refugees in Greece
  • Employee Volunteer Engagement with Partner NGOs during Global Volunteer Month  

Join our growing network of partners to transform how we respond to rapid onset disasters and protracted refugee crises.

Questions? Email jennifer@needslist.co