Global Impact for Your Employees & Customers This Holiday Season

NeedsList provides easy options for you to give directly to those most in need — like those who lost their homes in the California fires or Hurricanes Michael and Florence, or refugees in cold camps in Greece. By working through our network of over 150 vetted, first-responding charities in 12 countries, we provide trusted options.

Here are 3 ways you can give through NeedsList this holiday season:

Buy NeedsList Gift Cards to distribute to each of your employees or customers so they can go to our site and directly purchase supplies for displaced communities. Here's a 10 for $110 option!

Buy supplies through NeedsList that will support a global or specific (e.g., Paradise Fires Response) campaign and challenge your employees and/or customers to match your company donation.  

Purchase NeedsList Gift Cards in honor of your most valued clients or customers as part of an end of year ‘Thank You’ for their business.

How Does It Work?

We will direct your donation to specific needs on our platform, like those list in the WeWork matching campaign for employees and members (above) following Hurricane Florence and Michael. 

If you want to give virtual gift cards, we will provide digital gift codes for you to send to your employees or customers. Funds can be directed to specific humanitarian responses, or to a set of Top Urgent Needs from across our platform. 

Optional upgrades for a small fee include:

  • Co-branded NeedsList (like the example above) to share with your employees and/or customers.
  • Content marketing and email campaign for your end of year newsletter and outreach. 

Your customers will pay attention. According to recent surveys, 73% of Americans consider a company's charitable work when making a purchase, and with the workforce growing to be 75% staffed by millennials by 2025, your employees will, too. 

Join our growing network of partners to transform how we respond to rapid onset disasters and protracted refugee crises.

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